Love Animals? So Do We!

Animal lovers everywhere will be happy to know that we offer animal sessions. The relationship between people and animals is fascinating. There is something so natural and delicately fragile about the way a person interacts with animals. An animal, especially a pet, puts a certain amount of trust in its owner. Trust that is earned through a history of care and devotion. However, animals can also be easily startled and spooked. A photographer can easily scare an animal and shatter the trust that took an owner years to cultivate. If done properly Animal Sessions can create some of the most interesting images.

I love to shoot animals, whether it be wildlife photography, domestic pets, livestock, or a more exotic creature, I'm happy to work with everyone. I've been facilitating animal and wildlife sessions for over ten years and am no stranger to accommodating your animal and adapting to a situation. Capturing the bond between man and beast; showing the raw and intimate emotions of fear, trust, and acceptance as you interact with your animal, creates some truly gripping and moving pieces. Show your bond. Grab your furry friend and book a session together to commemorate your time together.